How to make a Coin Ring......
Posted by Don/Michigan/XS


This is the way I make a coin ring. You can do it different ways depending on the tools you have available. So here it goes!


First you need a piece of steel to use as a base for the coin to set on. Take the coin and stand it on edge. Tap the reeded edge with a spoon or a small machinist hammer while continually rotating the coin, I would recommend using the spoon first until you get the hang of how the silver feels when it folds. Be patient and don't rush it, it takes a while.


Once I have the letters on the edge of the coin folded in that's where I stop and then take a look at the coin and make sure it's round and the edges are even.


Next take and drill a hole in the center of the coin. Once the bit goes through the coin it will jam itself on the drill bit. Leave it on the drill bit.


Next take a piece of sandpaper( I use 400 grit to start) and hold it against the coin as you run the drill. You can sand all the dings out of it this way. I then use 1200 grit to finish it.


Then I take some "Brasso" and put it in a cloth. Then run the drill with the coin spinning on the cloth. Do this as many times as you want(use a new spot on the cloth and Brasso each time) until your satisfied with the shine of the ring.


Next take the coin off the bit and place it in a pair of vice grips. I use the vice grips with the curved jaw as this will hold the coin better than the straight jaw vice grips. Make sure you wrap something like heavy tape around the teeth of the grips. If you don't you will be sorry. If you have some clamps with rubber or plastic on the contact points this will work also.


The next step I take a dremmel with a cutting bit and route out the center of the coin. Be careful as the bit will jump around if you don't hold it tight. Take your time! Once you get close to your proper size you want then stop.


I then take a sanding disc and smooth out the inside and stop at the size you want.


Next step take a buffing wheel and put some Brasso on it, and then run the dremmel buffing out the inside of the coin. Do this a couple times. Thats about it! Give it a shot, it takes time but sure is neat when it's done.