Spoilers in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
The full book is also available.

The New Age influence on the United Nations.
The United Nations is preparing for the "Aquarian Age" or the time of the Antichrist.

Make your own web server and be your own host in 75 steps!

Make a battery charger for those unchargable alkaline batteries.
No need to buy all those batteries for your flashlight.

A small coal mining town in Pennsylvania has been forgoten.
This is a tragic story of Centralia, PA that died and was forgotten.

Convert an image to ASCII text!
Very cool.

John Pultorak built a working replica of a Block I Apollo Guidance Computer.
This shows how he did it and instructions on how you can make one yourself!

Very funny comic strip of bunnies killing themselves!

This story is pretty creepy.
A man named Ted and his friend Bee found a small hole in a local cave.
They chizzle the hole out to make it large enough to crawl through.
While they are digging they hear very strange sounds and encounter weird things on the other side of the hole.

Listen to the World English Bible as read by Michael Paul Johnson.

Read this interesting PDF Halo 3 Script written by an anonymous fan.

This Java Applet allows you to simulate an Airfoil.
It calculates lift based on your Airspeed, Camber, Altitude, Chord, and other variables.
Pretty useful tool.

Learn how to take control of your dreams.
Want to fly in your sleep? Learn How!
Do anything you want while you sleep!

A moon orbiting Saturn called Iapetus has some very strange formations on it indicating life.
Structures that look built instead of formed appear on it's surface.

Learn how to make a ring out of an ordinary coin.
No special equipment is needed other than a drill and a dremel.

Need guidance? This page will aid you in your times of need.

Read about how hacker Steve Gibson retaliated against the Denial of Services attacks on his website -

Hamlet in plain english. Much easier to read.
This just gives the main idea, don't use it as a credible source.

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